Products We Recommend

Healthy & Ethical Pet Food 
  • Yarrah -100% Organic dog & cat food. 
  • Fish 4 Dogs & Cats -Natural fish dog & cat food. 
  • Burns -Quality pet food, including some Organic. 
  • Applaws -Natural dog & cat food. 
  • Almo Nature -Natural dog & cat food. 
  • CSJ -Natural dog & cat food, for active pets. 
  • Arden Grange -Dog & cat food. 
  • Lily's Kitchen -Natural & Organic dog & cat food. 
  • Nature Diet -Fine Holistic dog food. 
  • Vitalin -Complete pet food, for dogs, cats, small animals, horses, etc. 
  • Benevo -Veg dog food, for dogs with sensitive stomachs, or meat allergies. 
  • Burgess -Pet food, including all-in-1 complete small pet pellets. 
  • Mr Johnsons -Small pet food. 
  • Antos -Healthy dog snacks, treats, & chews. 
  • Pet's Kitchen -Natural food, for dogs & cats. 
  • Skinners -Dog food. 
  • Trophy Pet Food -Mobile pet supplies of pet food, for most animals. 

Home & Accessories
  • Norstar -Biomagnetic theraputic pet beds, collars, water bowl coasters. 
  • Bioflow -Magnet technology pet collars, & horse boots. 
  • Orthopaedic memory foam pet beds. 
  • Dog It & Cat It -Pet products, anti-gulp bowls, interactive toys, eco toys, etc. 
  • Nina Ottoson -Interactive food games. 
  • Visiglo -Illuminating dog collars & leads, with stylish designs. 
  • Flea Repelling Pet Tags. 
  • Organic Catnip -The natural cat toy! 
  • Strikeback -Natural Organic flea spray. 

Grooming Products