Are We Over-Spoiling Our Pets?!

Each year, the pet product industry grows tremendously, with the trend of treating our pets. There seems to be a product for everything, including pet fashion, toys, grooming equipment, special treats and food, as well as gadgets, to help out their owners.

Some of these products are more practical than others, but I think most of us pet owners are guilty of spoiling our pets, in one way or another, and I think we often forget who we're buying for-the pet, or ourselves! Would 'Bella' really pick out that little pink number herself, or did you think that she just had to have that in her wardrobe?! Don't get us wrong, we're all for practical dog attire-our little dog would surely freeze during winter, if we didn't pad him out with some warm layers, and we have some reflective vests, for walks on the dull days.

At Amity Pet Care, we're quite guilty ourselves. We invest in the best pet foods and treats, although that is a vital part, in maintaining a pets health, but some of the treats are probably unnecessary. We have our fair share of pet gadgets-the largest pet water fountain we could find, which filters the water, and keeps it flowing (we mainly got a fountain for one of our cats, with a urinary condition), a high-tech pooper-scooper, a floor to ceiling cat activity tower, various interactive dog toys and puzzles, and we're hoping to invest in a small, basic agility set, to use in the garden, to name just a few.

The rule of thumb needs to be: If it doesn't benefit the pet, leave it in the shop!