What Will Happen At My Consultation?

Before we start any service, we always carry out a consultation (AKA a meet and greet, initial visit, pre-service visit, etc). This session is free of charge (additional visits available at a small additional cost), and is the perfect opportunity for you, the owner, to meet us, the people who'll be caring for your pet(s), and ask any unanswered questions you may have (hopefully, our website will explain the main details).                               
We'll go over your service requirements, including your pet(s)' current routine, and ensure that the service we'll be providing is suitable for the animal, and that any times we've proposed are appropriate, and cause minimal disruption to their current routine, and confirm what the service includes.

We may ask you to give us a mini tour of all of the rooms/areas your pet(s) will have access to whilst we'll be caring for them, get you to show us where all of their belongings are kept (food, bowls, bedding, first aid, etc), as well as any cleaning products we may require, and if we're providing our overnight house sitting service, we'll ask you to show us where you'd like us to sleep.

As you may already be aware, all of our registration and booing forms are online, which are submitted to us on our website. If you would like, we can assist you in completing the forms during your consultation, if you have a laptop/PC set up.

For any new dogs who're going to be joining the Amity Pet Care family, we'll complete a health and temperament questionnaire, to give us a broad picture about where they're at with their training, their likes and dislikes, etc.

We can go through our terms and conditions during this session (you will have the opportunity to view these when you complete the forms), and we'll of course show you our insurance certificate (we will summarise what we are insured for, so you don't have to read through the jargon if you don't want to!). We can also show you our dog home boarding license, if appropriate, as well as our various certificates for the courses we've completed, talks and seminars we've attended, etc.

Owners tend to provide a spare set of keys during the consultation, however, if you're not ready to do so at this stage, you're welcome to drop them over to us, or we can provide an additional pre-service visit, where we can go over any final details and pick up the keys, for a small additional fee.