Firework Safety

Fireworks can be a very distressing thing, for pets to deal with, with the combination of loud banging and flashing lights. Many animals have far more acute hearing, than their human companions, making noise more amplified. If our guidelines are followed, owners can help to alleviate some of the stress, from the situation.

Follow Amity Pet Care's 8 Step Guide:
1. The most important thing, is for owners not to react, or behave unusually. If pets realise that owners are reacting to the noise, and are comforted, they will realise that there is a cause for distress.

2. Ensure that pets receive enough exercise and enrichment, during the day, to encourage them to settle down, in the evening-our Dog walks and Daily Home Visits, are a perfect opportunity, for this.

3. Provide the pet’s final meal, as early as possible, to allow them to fully digest the food and to go to the toilet, before the commotion begins-nervousness can cause vomiting or diarrhea. Always keep a constant supply of fresh drinking water available-we have a filtering water fountain, for our Day Care and Holiday Stay dogs.

4. Keep pets indoors, with all curtains/blinds closed, and lights on-this will help the flashes to seem less obvious. If this is not possible for pets in outdoor hutches, cover the hutches with tarpaulin, and provide extra nesting materials for additional warmth and protection.

5. Keep a radio or television on, with the volume fairly high, to disguise the loud sounds.

6. Keep pets occupied, with a favourite game, toy or chew.

7. Calming plug-ins are available to purchase, from pet shops, as well as calming tablets, & natural supplements, from your Veterinary practice, & online suppliers.

8. Desensitising CD’s are available, to allow pets to become used to, potentially, distressing sounds, which can be played in the home environment.