Heal It Naturally

At Amity Pet Care, we're huge believers in preventing or treating the problem, before it gets out of hand. To do this, we use a whole host of natural, holistic, and Organic supplements, foods, and other pet products.

Please note: Consult a professional Veterinarian, and do your research, before using any products, and always follow the instructions from the manufacturer. If your pet is already on medication, or a prescription diet, never stop the course of treatment, without Veterinarian advice. Animals with persistent conditions may be sensitive to change in their diet, or lifestyle, or have allergies.

Holistic Supplements
CSJ -natural food, herbs and treats for dogs & cats, including flea treatments.
Verm-X -Natural control of intestinal hygiene, & internal parasites, all pets.
Mark & Chappell (M&C) -Pet health care products, & supplements.
Fish 4 Dogs -Natural fish oil supplements & treats.
Healthy Paws -Nutritional & herbal supplement.
Pooch & Mutt -Canine health supplements.
PlaqueOff -100% natural oral health supplement.
Barker & Barker -100% natural, low fat, dog treats, & supplements.
Land Of Holistic Pets -The nutritional approach to healthy, happy pets.
My Itchy Dog

Dogs With Sensitive Skin
Common Causes
Poor quality diet-additives, poor nutritional content, lacking in oils.
Skin allergies/dermatitis-additives in food, environmental, parasites.

Use a good quality of food-fish varieties are best for skin and coat condition-check the nutritional values, and recommended amount.
Regularly clean the home, to reduce the risk of parasites-use a powerful hoover, use natural oils, such as lavender, to repel insects.
Keep up to date with parasite prevention treatments.

Recommended ProductsCSJ Skinny Spray-Daily spray, to repel external parasites.
CSJ Skinny Shampoo-Insect repelling shampoo.
CSJ Billy No Mates-Insect repelling, and conditioning herbal supplement.
CSJ Come On-Herbal coat, skin, and body conditioner supplement.
Sensitive Nature Diet-With salmon, vegetables, and rice.

Aching Joints
Common Causes
General old age-Arthritis.
Poor diet-Lack of oils.

Use a good quality food, rich in oils.
Keep the animal warm at night, with a soft Orthopaedic bed, blankets, and a pet heat pad.
Use Magnotherapy products, including collars, and beds.
Provide short, and gentle exercise, to keep the animal mobile, but not too strenuous.

Recommended Products:
Fish Nature Diet (For Dogs).
Almo Nature Fish Flavour (For Cats).
CSJ No Ake- Aimed at the nutritional maintenance of the dog's musculo-skeletal system and in particular the inflammatory response.
CSJ Get Over!- A herbal blend which can really benefit those dogs feeling their age and showing signs of stiffness now the weather is cold and wet.
CSJ Turn Back Tyme
BioFlow Magnotherapy Collars

Hyperactive Dogs
Common Causes
Poor quality diet-Additives, colourants, etc.
Not enough exercise and enrichment.

Use a good quality food, with a good content, and no additives.
Use natural calming supplements.
Provide enough exercise, during the day.

Recommended Products
Fish Nature Diet
Norstar Biomagnetics Water Coaster-with the calming effect side.
CSJ Calm Down!