Microchipping & ID Tags

It is a legal requirement, under The Control Of Dogs Order 1992, for all dogs to wear an identity tag, with the correct details on:
  • Surname 
  • Contact Number 
  • First Line Of Address 
  • Postal Code 

Identity tags are a very low cost way of keeping your dog or cat safe, and returned home, should they stray.

It is highly recommended that all pets are microchipped, and in 2016, it is to become a legal requirement, under The Animal Welfare Act, for all dogs to be microchipped. Failing to comply with this, could result in a £500 fine. Microchipping reduces the number of stray animals, and allows missing pets, to be rapidly reunited with their owners. It is vital that owners keep their contact details up to date, with as many different methods of contact-address, phone numbers, email addresses, Veterinary details, etc.