Campaign For Real Pet Food

One of the most important things, in order to maintain a healthy pet, is a good quality diet. We recently discovered the Campaign For Real Pet Food website, which has a great deal of useful information, regarding the pet food industry, and what to look out for.

There're many pet foods with unnecessary derivatives, additives, chemicals, colourants, etc, as well as fillers, to bulk out the food, and keep the costs down. Many of these 'ingredients' are banned in certain countries, and can have terrible effects on an animal, which may happen over a period of years, or the effects could be seen instantly. These could include behavioural changes, coat condition declining, sickness, cancers, etc.

When Amity Pet Care pick out foods, we always, without fail, check out the ingredients, before even considering purchasing anything. As soon as we read any derivatives mentioned, we immediately put the packet down! We want foods with good quality ingredients, not unnamed derivatives. Good quality foods may cost slightly more, but you will need to feel less, as they're more nutrient dense, and we see it as an investment in our animals' health, which could potentially save on future Veterinary bills.

Another thing we always check out, is whether a company use animal testing (also known as vivisection). Foods with natural, non-harmful ingredients, shouldn't need to be tested on animals, as we already know all about animal nutrition. Testing would only be used, to check if there're any dangerous effects, as a result of consuming the food. Non-invasive taste tests are ok, though!

Have a good read on the Campaign For Real Pet Food's website, as it's a huge eye opener, into the vast world of pet food.

This is a real poster, put up by a Pet Shop owner, regarding poor quality pet foods.