It is highly recommended that pet animals are neutered, as soon as they've reached a suitable age, for their species, and breed. We recommend that owners discuss neutering with their Veterinarian.

Amity Pet Care cannot accept un-neutered dogs for Day Care, or Holidays, once they've passed the appropriate age for their breed, and cannot accept females in-season.

Spaying of female animals can reduce the risk of mammary cancer by up to 99.9%, and eliminates the risk of potentially deadly uterine infections, and neutering a male animal can reduce the risk of prostate or testicular cancer by up to 99.9%, as well as reducing other potential health complications.

Neutering reduces many unwanted behaviours, such as wandering (searching for a mate, or 'patrolling territory'), which will minimise the chance of an RTA occurring, or your pet from becoming lost, it also reduced territory scent marking and 'spraying' behaviours, and reduces aggression.

There're so many myths, with regards to neutering, such as when to have the procedure, that females are 'better off having a litter', etc. Neutering is a very simple, and routine procedure, with a short recovery process. To find out the most appropriate time to have your pet neutered, discuss with their Veterinarian, as it can vary, dependant on their breed/size.

There're thousands of animals in rescue centres across the country, and it's the most ethical thing, to have your pet neutered, to reduce the risk of more unwanted litters, thus reducing the chances of the rescue animals from finding homes.