Why can pet sitting services be better than boarding kennels or catteries?

There are many reasons why many owners favour using a pet sitting and visiting , home boarding, or even house sitting services, rather than using a larger boarding facility, but we are very fortunate to have the choice these days.

Pet Sitters are often able to create a calmer environment than boarding kennels or catteries, and pets tend to be in contact with far fewer other animals, if any others at all, meaning less risk of contracting illness, or parasites. Cats especially, unlike dogs, are not pack animals, and often don't appreciate being forced into close proximity of other, unknown cats. Of course, cats can be bonded with a new cat whilst at home, but this is done with great care and time.

Pets having home visits, will find the familiarity of their normal, home environment, and same animal carers, comforting. Many animals really appreciate being able to continue their normal routines, and pet sitters are generally able to provide a much more tailor-made service, as at each visit, they will purely be focusing on your pets.

There are of course times when a dog would benefit from staying at a boarding kennels, rather than their own home, if they have a tendency to become destructive when left unattended, and a home boarding service would not be appropriate, if the dog does not enjoy socialising with other dogs, and a kennel would be safer.

Here's part of a statement we came across: “Kennel & Cattery boarding establishments are a strange environment for pets who're used to living in the comfort of home. They can be stressful & unpleasant, as tend to be unhygienic, as mess can't be cleaned immediately, full of commotion, have uncomfortably cramped cages which force the animals to go to the toilet where they wouldn't choose, & offer pets limited attention. The unfamiliar environment can make it an unpleasant, frightening & miserable experience. Kennels & Catteries are good places to pick up parasites & infections. I've heard stories about pets taking days to get back to normal after being brought home from kennels, over-grooming due to stress, becoming sick, or not being themselves. It's common for customers to tell sitters they found their pets in better emotional and physical shape than when taken to a big boarding establishment."